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Sarasota County has announced the release of its 2013 Annual Report, which provides a comprehensive summary of the county's activities and accomplishments last year. The document may be viewed online at the county's website, "This report documents the county's dedi- cation to service and accountability during 2013 and demonstrates the value that citizens are receiving for their taxpayer dollars," said Thomas A. Harmer, Sarasota County adminis- trator, in a news release. In 2013, the county focused most of its goals and activities in six key areas, added Harmer in the release: community preservation and enhancement; growth planning; mobility; water and environmental resources; eco- nomic development; and health, safety and welfare. "The report is organized into categories high- lighting those goals along with an in-depth look at the county's leadership and account- ability efforts," the release notes. Printed copies of the annual report are avail- able at county offices and county libraries. For more information about the report or the programs, services, activities and depart- ments it highlights, call the Sarasota County Call Center at 861-5000 or visit % SARASOTA COUNTY RELEASES ITS 2013 ANNUAL REPORT Don't have your own subscription to The Sarasota News Leader? Subscribe for FREE and receive a weekly notification when the latest issue is available online. FREE SUBSCRIPTION Sarasota News Leader February 28, 2014 Page 83

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