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whom they had expected to be a partner with them in the construction of a comeasyouare shelter in Sarasota, the linchpin of consul tant Robert Marbut's recommendations for addressing homelessness in the area. Last week, a sense of collaboration again was in the air after a joint session of the City and County commissions, when the boards voted 91 to add a third property — on North Lime Avenue — to the list of three potential sites for a shelter. That site looked especially promising because buildings are already on it — although their renovation would be needed — and its location amid light industrial uses seemed more palatable to people who have railed against a shelter near residences. Even Vice Mayor Willie Shaw, a vociferous oppo nent of a shelter in the city, voted to add that site to the list. But city officials learned on April 4 that the property at 1502 and 1562 N. Lime Ave. no longer was available; the new owner does not wish to sell or lease it for a homeless shelter. "There was an indication that the particular buyer was a landlord for a number of govern ment agencies, and he would be willing to explore the option with us," Wayne Applebee, the county's homelessness efforts coordina tor, told the County Commission on April 8. On April 4, Deputy City Manager Marlon Brown sent an email to the county saying the property was no longer available. The news almost immediately reignited ten sions Tuesday between the city and county commissioners, with the latter already having cited what they perceive as delays and "foot dragging" on the part of administrative staff at City Hall. During Tuesday's county board meeting, Commissioner Joe Barbetta questioned the process the city used to contact the owner of the North Lime Avenue property. He was frus trated, he said, after hearing that the owner — who appeared to be willing to work with the county in March — had suddenly decided not to offer the property for sale or lease to Homelessness consultant Robert Marbut has called the parcel at 1330 N. Osprey Ave. in Sarasota his top choice for a shelter. Photo by Norman Schimmel Sarasota News Leader April 11, 2014 Page 9

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