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Sarasota News Leader February 22, 2013 Page 118 Siesta Seen Mark Smith, immediate past chairman of the that person should be the one most informed Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce, noted that about the code. other suggestions probably would come out THE NOISE AND THE SOUND of the seminar itself. ���We���re obviously not going to be able to micromanage all the little things,��� Kouvatsos said, but ���some of the big things just need blanket educating.��� On a related note, during its regular meeting on March 7, the Siesta Key Association will host county staff members for a discussion of the current noise and sound ordinance, President Catherine Luckner told me this week. When Matthes asked Patterson to let him know who will conduct the seminar, she told That presentation will include information him she hoped to have the chief of Code En- about the science involved in measuring forcement handle that responsibility, because sound, Luckner said. Blas�� Caf�� in Siesta Village continues to be a focal point for noise complaints. A Jan. 24 email to the County Commission from a Siesta condominium resident says the music at Blas�� regularly exceeds the allowable level on the bass, or ���C,��� scale in the county���s Noise Ordinance. ���Gilligan���s, the Hub and the Daiquiri Deck are saints and responsible,��� the resident adds.

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