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This week, we begin our own countdown to the March 12 election for two at-large seats on the Sarasota City Commission. City Editor Stan Zimmerman consulted with the other members of our Editorial Board in developing a list of questions before he sat down for extensive interviews with all six candidates for those seats. And I do mean extensive. These are not the quick-read, ���hit just the highlights��� types of profiles you will find in the average publication. I have had the privilege in years past of watching Stan in action during candidate interviews. He is a master at putting people at ease and drawing them out on their answers. Our production manager, Cleve Posey, did just as masterful job of putting together the layout as Stan did with the interviews ��� which, I should add, Stan transcribed from hours of notes. This week, we offer the questions and answers posed of Richard Dorfman, Kelvin Lumpkin and Pete Theisen. Next week, we will feature Stan���s interviews with the three women in the race ��� Suzanne Atwell, Susan Chapman and Linda Holland. Although we tout our publication for its very ���green��� factor of being available digitally instead of in print, Copy Editor Vicki Chatley offers an excellent suggestion: If you use a computer to read the News Leader instead of an iPad, you might want to print out the interviews to study them at length in a comfortable setting (this will require downloading the PDF version). There is quite a lot to take in; trust me. Yet, we believe the time all of us have invested in this process ��� and the time you will spend reading the results ��� will serve you very well. Those of you registered to vote in the city should end up being the most informed people possible when you cast your ballots. Editor and Publisher

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