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CONTENTS BATTERS UP MEET THE CANDIDATES Click Any Headline To Go Directly To That Article NEWS & COMMENTARY MEET THE CANDIDATES 8 HALFWAY POINT 33 BATTERS UP! 37 MEDDLING DECRIED 46 THE ���800-POUND GORILLA��� 50 WHOLE LOTTA PLANNIN��� 52 THAT BENDERSON DEAL ... 58 ABOUT THOSE BIDS ��� 60 LEGISLATIVE INTERVENTION 64 ���A NASTY LITTLE BUGGER��� 67 City Commission candidates Richard Dorfman, Kelvin Lumpkin and Pete Theisen answer questions posed by The Sarasota News Leader in advance of the March 12 election ��� Stan Zimmerman Walmart hearing puts residents eyeball to eyeball with corporate heavyweight ��� Stan Zimmerman Welcome to Birdland as the Orioles prepare for another season in Sarasota ��� Staff Reports The School Board votes unanimously to move forward with plans to save the exterior but not the interior of a Rudolph building at Sarasota High ��� Scott Proffitt City Commission bows to ACLU, allowing amplified music ��� Stan Zimmerman Analysis: It is ultimately up to the voters to decide whether the city of Sarasota can realize genuine growth out of the ���acronym soup��� ��� Stan Zimmerman Parks advisory board oh-so-gently slaps City Commission ��� Stan Zimmerman County staff recommends the County Commission proceed with awarding the Siesta Beach stormwater project once the contract is ready ��� Rachel Brown Hackney The County Commission urges its Tallahassee delegation to support bills that would give it control over smoking on county property ��� Rachel Brown Hackney Volunteers will seek private homeowners��� permission to try to kill red ant colonies endangering bird and turtle eggs on Siesta Key ��� Rachel Brown Hackney PHOTO CREDITS Front cover - The Bird is back! - Norman Schimmel Sarasota Leisure - Selby Gardens - Robert Hackney

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