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Sarasota News Leader February 22, 2013 Page 57 of bus rapid transit down U.S. 41 seems a bit All of this is happening across the spectrum of oxymoronic. More buses with priority would civic discourse. From a partnership of stakeholders along the North Trail, downtown appear likely to further snarl traffic. property owners at the DID, the volunteers One of the objectives of the NTOD is to slow at the Planning Board, the elected politicians traffic, so maybe there is serendipity be- on the City and County commissions ��� all tween BRT and NTOD. Traffic could be such like the blind men in the fable ��� are holding a mess, it would be forced to slow down ��� a piece of the proverbial elephant. which would send smart local drivers rushing ���Density��� cries one. ���Transit��� cries another. through the neighborhoods. ���Tax base��� shouts a third. If we believe we The only winners in that circumstance would must grow our way out of the current budbe the owners of the larger parcels along the get problems, how big do we need to be? Will North Trail ��� properties with enough room 10,000 more people solve our current troufor parking to support a mid-rise construc- bles? tion ��� say five stories, enough to see the wa- DROD, DID, BRT, TOD, EEZ and NTOD ��� ter. Should NTOD and BRT become a reali- each and every one of these acronyms is proty, it will be a big payday for the owners of moted to encourage growth. Ultimately, the the problematic motels along the North Trail. future of the community is in the hands of votYes, the same ones we read about in the police ers. Now when you hear these acronyms, you reports. know what they mean. % Manuel R. Chepote, LUTCF Chepote Insurance Inc. 1300 Main Street ��� Sarasota, Florida (941) 366-0100 Serving Sarasota & Manatee Counties Auto ��� Home ��� Life Renters ��� Motorcycles Flood ��� Business ��� Annuities Financial Services Click for driving directions

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