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THAT BENDERSON DEAL ... The parkland on part of the property Benderson Development Co. wants to purchase from the city is at the intersection of Beneva and Fruitville roads. Photo by Robert Hackney PARKS ADVISORY BOARD OH-SO-GENTLY SLAPS CITY COMMISSION By Stan Zimmerman City Editor Imagine you are on a parks advisory board and the City Commission cuts a deal to sell 11 acres of parkland but does not tell you. Steamed yet? more than a year, the city agreed to sell the property to the firm for $1 million. When word got out, there was a big hullabaloo. Another buyer surfaced and offered twice as much. Right now the deal is in embarThe PREP board will review any rassing limbo. The park in question is at the northeast corner of Fruitville and Beneva roads. After con- future sales of parkland. ducting secret negotiMarlon Brown Deputy Manager ations with Benderson City of Sarasota Development Co. for Throughout it all, city staff never once asked ��� or even informed ��� the Parks Recre-

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