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Sarasota News Leader February 22, 2013 ation and Environmental Protection Advisory Board members about the initiative to determine whether they had an opinion on it. Well, they do and they let it fly at the Feb. 19 City Commission meeting. Page 59 City Commission has the final say. All we ask is the opportunity to provide feedback and recommendations before your decisions.��� The controversial sale ��� over the objection of neighbors and others ��� has become a hot Elsie Souza, chairwoman of the PREP board, issue on the campaign trail. Mayor Suzanne was quite polite about the affair, reading the Atwell voted for the sale, but she is finding it minutes of her group���s Jan. 17 meeting: ���All hard to defend the decision in public forums. expressed concern about not being involved The commissioners were mute after Souza���s from the beginning. We recommend any future report. Deputy City Manager Marlon Brown sale of parkland come to the PREP board,��� promised her, ���The PREP board will review she said. ���We fully understand the Sarasota any future sales of parkland.��� % The site the City of Sarasota is considering selling to Benderson Development Co. has a pond that the company would have to fill in before starting construction. Photo by Robert Hackney

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