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Sarasota News Leader February 22, 2013 Page 61 the project that were opened on Jan. 23, the The Feb. 13 memo says, ���Staff is currently lowest was $4,251,633.30. The highest was awaiting receipt of an additional amendment $4,788,622.70. to the SWFWMD Agreement that will extend the ���Complete Construction��� milestone to Dec. Staff and consultants had estimated the to31, 2013 and the agreement expiration date to tal cost of the work ��� which includes conMarch 31, 2014. It is [staff���s] understanding structing a pipeline into the Gulf of Mexico to that this amendment has been drafted, and it discharge ultraviolet light-treated stormwater is undergoing internal review at SWFWMD.��� runoff ��� would be $1.5 million. In response to a question this week from The The Southwest Florida Water Management Sarasota News Leader, county spokesman District (SWFWMD) agreed in March 2008 to Curt Preisser said he was not able to detergive the county a grant of up to $975,000 for mine a timeline for when a bid award recomthe project, with the funds to be paid when mendation will come before the County Comthe work is completed. mission for approval. However, Preisser said Commissioners also have voiced concern Program Manager Carolyn Eastwood, who is about losing that grant as a result of continu- supervising the stormwater project, is scheding delays in starting the work. uled to make a presentation to the commis- A Sarasota County consultant���s graphic illustration shows the area planned for construction of the stormwater project. Image courtesy Sarasota County

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