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Sarasota News Leader February 22, 2013 project, which had been scheduled to begin after Easter, which is March 31. The work is supposed to take about 270 days, she pointed out, which already meant it could hamper seasonal beach visitors in December. THE BIDS Page 63 number was carried forward from a 2008 estimate, the memo notes. Additionally, the memo says the project is ���the first in Florida��� of its kind. THE SHORTFALL Because the bids came in higher than expectThe Feb. 13 memo also provides analysis ed, the memo points out, the project has a about why the bids came in higher than exfunding shortfall of about $2.7 million. Howevpected. er, that amount is available through the Surtax The design and permitting of the project was II fund balance from projects completed in the divided among three engineers of record 2012 fiscal year, the memo says. (EOR), the memo notes, ���with the division of ���As a high priority project��� related to water responsibility based upon both specialty and quality at the beach, the memo continues, proximity to elements of the Siesta Beach staff suggested that the Surtax fund balance Park Improvements.��� be used for the stormwater project ��� a point The geographic sections of the stormwater staff made during the Feb. 8 budget workshop. project, it continues, are the outfall pipe into The memo says all the necessary federal and the Gulf of Mexico, the treatment area on the state permits have been obtained for the projeast end of the park and the stormwater colect. lection system north of Beach Road. Therefore, a budget amendment will be preErickson Consulting Engineers, which worked pared and presented to the County Commison ���the installation cost for the most challengsion for review at the same time the construcing portion of the pipeline,��� estimated the cost tion contract comes before the board, the at $681,475, the memo says. The correspondmemo concludes. ing portion in the lowest bid was $2,291,200, the memo adds. Patterson has emphasized recently to two groups on Siesta that the stormwater project Kimley-Horn and Associates worked on the is vital to preventing future closures of Siesta treatment system, but the firm did not include Public Beach to swimming. The memo notes an estimated cost for one facet of the work, that the stormwater project was initiated in the memo adds, ���resulting in a $335,000 short2005 ���when high levels of bacteria were detectfall ������ ed within the Beach Road stormwater conveyThe WilsonMiller/Stantee estimate for en- ance system. It was determined the bacteria gineering costs was $24,000, compared to were of animal nature and introduced at Siesta $30,800 in the relevant portion of the lowest Beach by stormwater runoff from Beach Road bid, the memo continues. Apparently that and the Siesta Beach parking lot.��� %

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