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Sarasota News Leader February 22, 2013 Page 66 City of Sarasota ordinance held that any local restrict outdoor smoking on county propergovernment effort to restrict smoking was a ty,��� while House Bill 439 states, ���A county violation of the state���s Clean Indoor Air Act. may impose additional smoking restrictions on outdoor county property with designated ���We do not believe it was the intent of the smoking areas.��� Legislature in 2003 to prevent counties from regulating activity on county-owned outdoor The language in the bills is also comparable properties,��� the letter continues. ���This is in- regarding delegation of smoking-restriction consistent with county responsibility for man- authority to municipalities. agement of its properties and its ability to regulate such factors as hours of operation, Mason���s letter from the County Commission alcohol use, and littering on its properties and cites several reasons for the legislative delegation to support the bills. Among them: parks.��� Senate Bill 258, introduced on Jan. 11 by Sen. ��� ���The limited smoking restrictions on Sarasota County property enhance a healthy enRob Bradley, a Republican from Orange Park, vironment at our beaches and our public was scheduled to be heard in the Senate���s Regrecreation areas for the safe enjoyment by ulated Industries Committee at 11 a.m. on all individuals, especially children and othFeb. 21, with action not expected to be posters most vulnerable to the effects of seced on the Legislature���s website until after The ondhand smoke.��� Sarasota News Leader���s deadline this week. The bill was referred to the Senate���s Health ��� ���The county smoking restriction on its public beaches was a critical component to SiPolicy and Community Affairs Committees as esta Key���s beach being named Number 1 well. in the nation by Steve Leatherman, aka Dr. House Bill 439, which was filed on Jan. 22 by Beach, in 2011.��� Republican state Rep. Bill Hager of Delray Beach, remains in the Health Quality Subcom- ��� ���Allowing smoking on public beaches would incur additional costs for cleanup at mittee, where it was referred on Jan. 30, actaxpayer expense.��� cording to a check of the bill���s status on Feb. 20. ��� The Sarasota County smoking ordinance has been in effect for five years without Additionally, that bill is scheduled to be heard problems ��� these bills allow continuation by the Local and Federal Affairs Committee of its implementation, so this would not be and the Health & Human Services Committee a new level of regulation.��� in the House. The two bills are almost identical, with just If approved by the Legislature, the change in slight variations in their language. Senate Bill the Clean Indoor Air Act would go into effect 258 says, for example, ���Counties may further on July 1. %

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