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MEET THE CANDIDATES Candidates prepare to address members of the Arlington Park Neighborhood Association on the evening of Feb. 19: (From left) Pete Theisen, Linda Holland, Kelvin Lumpkin and Richard Dorfman. Photo by Robert Hackney CITY COMMISSION CANDIDATES RICHARD DORFMAN, KELVIN LUMPKIN AND PETE THEISEN ANSWER QUESTIONS POSED BY THE SARASOTA NEWS LEADER IN ADVANCE OF THE MARCH 12 ELECTION By Stan Zimmerman City Editor The basics: Top education? Marital status? Richard Dorfman: Bachelor of Arts in busi- Dorfman: Single but in a committed relationness and communications, American Univer- ship. sity. Lumpkin: Married. Kelvin Lumpkin: Bachelor of Arts in ac- Theisen: Single counting; working on an MBA at the Uni��������� versity of Florida. Children? SCC Pete Theisen: (Pre-interview CANDIDATE Dorfman: One-third of the comnote: Mr. Theisen asked to make mitted relationship���s child. INTERVIEWS: a video recording of our converTHEISEN, sation. I did not object.) Lumpkin: Two beautiful girls. Doctor of Oriental Medicine. ��������� LUMPKIN AND DORFMAN Theisen: None. ���������

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