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OPINION THE CITY COMMISSIONERS NEED TO BECOME CHAMPIONS OF THE BRT���S POTENTIAL EDITORIAL No one truthfully knows at this point whether a bus rapid transit (BRT) system can be a phenomenal success in Sarasota County, but what has been woefully clear has been the lack of leadership on the part of the City Commission in working toward such a goal ��� and adding vitality to the city in the process. essential to the success of a BRT along the Tamiami Trail from New College to the Westfield Southgate Mall. City Commissioner Paul Caragiulo at least made an offer to meet with constituents to ascertain their view of the possibilities, but Barbetta���s call for leadership on the part of the City Commission seemed to spark more In fact, it was left to a county commission- than a little resentment. er ��� Joe Barbetta ��� to call for action when It is no secret the city government has hefty his board held a joint discussion with the City bills to keep paying, thanks to its pension Commission on Feb. 5 to talk about BRT and plans and the cost of its Police Department. a host of other issues. It also is no secret that the North Tamiami Of the city commissioners, only Terry Turn- Trail has been the proverbial redheaded steper seemed to project optimism that Sarasota child in terms of development. City Editor residents can be sold on the need for land-use Stan Zimmerman recently provided thorchanges to spur the type of infill development ough and thoughtful analysis in past issues of

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