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Sarasota News Leader May 24, 2013 Page 9 The Manatee County Tourist Development money the Sarasota County Commission alCouncil unanimously approved a similar mo- ready has committed over the next five years tion the day before, Haley noted. to help Benderson Park win the bid for the event is included in its share. The international rowing federation — FISA — "is only used to dealing with governments," During the Jan. 17 TDC meeting, Haley reHaley explained. "Generally, they're countries, ported that the total expenditure of Sarasota not even states and cities and counties." County tourist development tax revenue related to the bid over five years would be $1.178 Therefore, she continued, when a FISA delmillion. egation visited the area in April to conduct a site inspection as part of Benderson Park's Moreover, Haley said on May 16, "I think we effort to win the 2017 World Championships, have a sound business plan to cover [the exthe delegation made it clear the letter from penses] and to make sure [no extra money both counties should be part of the final bid would have to be paid]." package, which is due in late June. When Patterson asked Paul Blackketter, chief Based on preliminary budget figures, Haley operating officer of the SunCoast Aquatic Nasaid, she anticipated the counties were being ture Center Association (SANCA) — which asked to guarantee between $2.5 million and manages the rowing facilities in the two coun$3 million each. However, she pointed out, ties — whether he felt certain the income A January 2011 artist's rendering shows how Benderson Park's rowing facilities may appear when completed. Image courtesy Sarasota County

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