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The sure sign it is summer is the difficulty in tracking down sources. Fortunately, though, plenty of news was happening so we could work around the people who were out of town on vacation or otherwise just too busy to respond. I do not know how Stan Zimmerman manages to attend so many meetings each week, but in that process, he picks up all sorts of what I call "tasty tidbits." This week he not only offers more news about the potential return of parking meters, he also has quite an interesting story about the complaint filed by the city's public information officer about the working environment she has dealt with in the City Auditor and Clerk's Office. Cooper Levey-Baker put in a lot of legwork last weekend, enabling him to provide a powerful perspective this week on the Trayvon Martin rallies in the community. And Roger Drouin has been trekking through Red Bug Slough and all around the Fruitville Road interchange area to offer updates on two significant county initiatives. I covered the least territory of all our staff this week, though the time I spent at the Robert L. Taylor Community Complex was the most fun I have had covering a story in some time. You will see what I mean in Sarasota Leisure. Finally, I have to put in a plug for our News Briefs this week. Not only did Staff Photographer Norman Schimmel do some trekking of his own — to Snooty's birthday party — but we have several other noteworthy staff stories in that section. Editor and Publisher

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