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Sarasota News Leader July 26, 2013 Page 36 pickerelweed and arrowhead will soon filter rainwater pollutants — such as nitrogen and nutrient-rich rainwater. phosphorus (phosphates), which have been connected to elevated levels of Karenia breWhile the restoration project will not remove vis, the organism that causes red tide. The all of the Cogongrass at Red Bug Slough, it effort will restore a 1-acre forested swamp, will make a big difference. adding trees such as pop ash and Florida elm, The project — which is about halfway com- and a 1.5-acre wetlands area bordering Procplete and slated for a December completion tor Road. — will bring improvements to three different Altogether, the contractor, Fort Myers-based segments of the preserve, restoring more than Ecosystem Technologies Inc. (ETI), will plant 4 acres of wetlands. 23,225 native plants and trees, said Kathy The main goal of the initiative is to improve Meaux, environmental specialist with Sarathe water quality in the waterways and sota County Water Resources. swamps flowing through the preserve and "Wildlife is going to love this," Semenec then into Phillippi Creek and eventually Robadded. erts Bay. The project will reshape much of the preserve's wetlands and replace invasive veg- Among its diverse wildlife, the preserve proetation with native aquatic plants that filter vides habitat for marsh rabbits, a family of ot- The new forested swamp in segment B will encompass an acre.

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