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'IT'S ALL SUBJECTIVE' Eight of the nine members of the Downtown Community Redevelopment Area Extension Study Committee prepare to receive documents from Deputy City Manager Marlon Brown (center-left). Photo by Stan Zimmerman OUT OF 208 COMMUNITY REDEVELOPMENT AGENCIES CREATED IN THE STATE, ONLY SIX HAVE EXTENDED THEIR TERMS OF OPERATION, A LOCAL COMMITTEE LEARNS By Stan Zimmerman City Editor The committee pondering the fate of the city-county Community Redevelopment Agency began to wrap up its research phase on Wednesday evening, July 24. During its fourth of 14 planned meetings, it heard from Carol Westmoreland, the director of the Florida Redevelopment Association. The organization, an offshoot of the Florida League of Cities, is composed of the 208 CRAs in the state. Of that total, she said, only six have extended their terms of operation. The local committee is charged with giving advice to the Sarasota City and County commissions about the future of their tax-increment-funded district. In 1986, the two local government entities agreed to freeze property taxes and devote It's about the money. all city and county property tax revenue Carol Westmoreland Director above the 1986 base Florida Redevelopment Association level to fight "slum and

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