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Sarasota News Leader July 26, 2013 She continued, "The City of Sarasota and Sarasota County are interested in bringing Dr. Marbut to our community to develop a Strategic Action Plan to address homelessness. Since this is a community-wide issue and a community plan, we are asking if your city is willing to participate in bringing Dr. Marbut here, hopefully very soon." Page 53 "In 2007, frustrated by the lack of real improvement … Dr. Marbut conducted a nationwide best practices study of homeless services," the website notes. "After personally visiting 237 homeless service facilities, in 12 states and the District of Columbia, he developed The Seven Guiding Principles of Transformation." When Barwin announced late this spring that Marbut's fee for consulting services is $5,732 Marbut would be visiting Sarasota, Barwin per month for three months, she added, and pointed out that Marbut had helped establish he has agreed to offer a fourth month pro facilities for the homeless in Pinellas County. bono. "In addition to his consulting fee," LowMarbut has visited a total of 531 operations in ery continued, "we would be responsible for 19 states, plus Washington, D.C., and Mexico, travel expenses, including air fare, hotel, per his website adds. He utilizes his Seven Guiding diem, airport parking and car rental, as appli- Principles of Transformation in all aspects of cable." his work, the website points out, "to create hoAccording to the Marbut Consulting website, listic, transformative environments in order to reduce homelessness," the website says. Marbut has worked on homelessness issues for more than 30 years. Rachel Brown Hackney DOWNTOWN IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT SUNSHINE LAWSUIT SETTLED When Downtown Improvement District (DID) members Dr. Mark Kaufman and William Pettey last year mentioned during a meeting that they had erased emails concerning DID business, it was only a matter of time before somebody brought them to task. the member's computer hard drives for the missing emails. "We recovered some of them," said Fournier. He called that "Phase One." However, Barfield then expanded his search to the now-dismissed city Charter Review Committee as well as the still-functioning SarasoThat "someone" was Sarasota paralegal Mi- ta Planning Board. He suggested there was a "pervasive practice" of sending emails about chael Barfield, who sued the city, Kaufman city business from private accounts. Fournier and Pettey to recover the missing emails. called that "Phase Two." Such series of correspondence are considered public records under state law, and while it Barfield asked for an injunction requiring all is legal to have them on a personal comput- city advisory boards to use city Internet acer, the records must be produced on demand. counts and turn over all emails. "I said you don't have standing to ask for an injunction," Erasure is not a legal option. Fournier recalls telling Barfield. Later Barfield City Attorney Bob Fournier and Barfield's at- came back to suggest both sides voluntarily torney asked a judge for permission to search dismiss the suit.

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