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OPINION 'ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL' EDITORIAL There is a saying popu- creatures that slithered, gamboled, swam and lar with cynics: Sur- soared. rounding every silver lining is a dark cloud. For most of the last few millennia, humans After several years in the top five of Dr. and the rest of nature existed together in relBeach's famed list, Siesta Key Public Beach ative harmony. It only has been in recent debecame the No. 1 beach in the country. And cades that the crush of people migrating to the the multitudes came to visit. That is the silver coast has been to the detriment of all other lining. living things. The dark cloud is that not everyone who came Governments have attempted to provide deserved to be here or was fit to visit our safeguards to minimize the friction between humankind and wildbeautiful but delicate life, as more and more shores. Some heartless person has habitat is lost to deLong before human demonstrated that having the most beautiful velopment. And those beings strolled the beach also means attracting those who not efforts have been reasnowy white sands, only cannot fully appreciate its beauty, but sonably successful, to there were others: the extent that most who also seek to diminish it. creatures of every people honored those protections. Sadly, it description and size,

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