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Sarasota News Leader July 26, 2013 Page 81 ing at the center in late June, Dash told The After Dash encouraged the three boys at one Sarasota News Leader. point to practice a modified version of the Kairan Jackson and Dustin Reed, both also 10, breaststroke — emphasizing the sweep of the were working with assistants P.J. Keller and water with their palms — she praised Garrett Molly Spencer in the deep end before the July for his efforts: "Those pulls were very good." 23 lesson was even half over. And Garrett shortly realized that swimming is Dustin "high-fived" Keller at one point after not just fun; it is, in fact, an athletic endeavor. swimming his farthest stretch yet across the "I know it, because my arms are hurting," he pool. told Dash after several more laps. Kairan also began venturing further and fur- "You're doing great," she responded. ther out as he worked with Spencer. "The kid's got such a good kick," Keller noted as On the other side of the pool, Assistant Annie he watched. O'Connor — a licensed 21st Swimming Les"Oh, yeah! That just happened," Garrett called sons instructor — and camp counselor Lucinout after successfully completing two laps un- da Louis, 17, were working with a youngster who had shown up for the first time that day. der Dash's supervision. Dustin Reed (right) prepares to try a new stroke as Kairan Jackson watches with Molly Spencer in the background.

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