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TAKING SHAPE The west pavilions and new public safety building at Siesta Public Beach have been designed by Sweet Sparkman Architects. Image courtesy Sarasota County WITH THE FINAL CONTRACTS TENTATIVELY SET TO BE APPROVED IN LATE OCTOBER, THE COUNTY COMMISSION VOTES ON RANKING 'EXTRAS' FOR THE SIESTA BEACH PROJECT, FUNDS PERMITTING By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor If the subcontractors come in with bids below low budget, Brad W. Gaubitz, a project manthe maximum construction cost of $16.7 mil- ager in the Public Works Department, told the lion, the public will see more dune walkovers, board. "We have been working diligently to additional two-pole shelters and an upgrade of assure that we'll be at the $16.7 million level the size of trees planted in the park and park- for the construction," he added. ing lot at Siesta Public "It's no secret that Beach, the Sarasota There's nothing uglier than time is of the essence County Commission somebody who did a parking lot and put on this project," Commissioner Joe Barbetagreed on Aug. 28. in spindly little trees. ta pointed out. FurEarly indications are ther delays could cost Nora Patterson Commissioner that the total cost will the county another Sarasota County be about $375,000 be$100,000 to $200,000 in

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