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Sarasota News Leader August 30, 2013 Page 29 ing Championships bid for Benderson Park, Harmer briefed Reid on the situation. When she learned about the CPA factor. Botelho met with Gable on the afternoon of Gable was hired in mid-August 2012 to fill the July 3, the timeline says, Gable confirmed the vacant position of strategic and financial plan- "null and void" CPA status. ning director in the Office of Financial PlanOn the morning of July 5, Botelho briefed the ning. In an Aug. 17 email to the County Commission, Reid wrote that he had worked with employee and labor relations manager in the her for 10 years in Alachua County "and know Human Resources Department, who was actof her integrity, work ethic, and intelligence." ing in Whitley's stead. Reid was out of the office, the timeline adds. On the afternoon of Gable started employment in Sarasota County on Sept. 24, 2012. According to a timeline put July 8, Botelho asked Gable to come to Whittogether by Gable's boss, Chief Financial Plan- ley's office to discuss the situation; during that ning Officer Steve Botelho, and Joanie Whit- meeting, Gable resigned, the timeline notes. ley, the county's director of human resources, an employee in Clerk of Court Karen Rush- Before the commissioners opened their reging's office notified Botelho on July 1 that Ga- ular meeting on July 9, Reid notified them ble's CPA license was not valid. On July 2, Bo- individually of Gable's departure, the timetelho and Deputy County Administrator Tom line adds. Commissioner Christine Robinson (left) confers with Chairwoman Carolyn Mason during a January board meeting. File photo

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