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After this week, I never again want to hear that August is a slow month around here. After watching two long days of County Commission discussions — Wednesday's meeting did not end until 7 p.m. — I could find no way to write all the stories generated and still meet deadline. As I type this, I envision Cleve, our production manager, and Vicki, our copy editor, getting just a wee bit anxious about when I am going to finish all the topics I did tackle. Cooper Levey-Baker and Roger Drouin were just as busy as I was. In fact, we all spent time with the County Commission this week. And lest you think county government was the only source of our latest news, Roger also has an update on businessman Chris Brown's New Orleans-style restaurant project in downtown Sarasota. We may be a little lighter on features this week than we were for our Aug. 23 issue, but one article is actually a carryover from last week. Thanks to that good ol' deadline again, A&E Reporter Elinor Rogosin's lovely review of the grand finale of the Carreño Dance Festival appears in this issue. (My fault, not hers.) Nonetheless, it is a charming alternative to all the hard news flowing through the first part of "the book," as Staff Photographer Norm Schimmel calls our newsweekly. Thank goodness Labor Day is around the corner. I think we all will need the time to recover so we can be ready to pull together this week's leftover stories for the Sept. 6 issue. And we sure hope all of you have a safe and happy holiday weekend. Editor and Publisher

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