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Sarasota News Leader August 30, 2013 Page 32 Reid apologized directly to Mason, saying he thought he had told her the full story about Gable's departure. "Thank you," Mason replied. As for Gable's relocation to Sarasota County: "Mr. Botelho knew her and thought she had a CPA and asked to hire her," Reid pointed out. "He was also shocked when it came up that she did not [have the license]." If the commissioners preferred, he said, he would start notifying them of any important situation by email. The reason he had not been doing that, he pointed out, was because they became upset if the public, including the news media, learned of a situation by reading county emails before the board members read their notes from him. Patterson said that if an important matter arose, she preferred a verbal communication followed by email. County Administrator Randall Reid reviews an agenda item this spring. File photo Reid should have phoned the board members about the Gable resignation, Robinson pointed out, instead of trying to speak with them individually in a hurry before the July 9 meeting. Reid also told the board that Gable did not falsify any documents while she was employed with the county. And though he was surprised staff did not check to see whether her CPA license was valid when she was considered for the position in the Office of Financial Planning, he continued, the certification was not necessary for the job. At the conclusion of almost 35 minutes of discussion, Patterson said to Mason, "Madame Chair, it's best to air these things … and maybe we can all live together better …." % Christine Robinson. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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