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A DAY IN COURT Attorneys and county commissioners say more courtroom facilities are needed at the R.L. Anderson Administration Center in Venice. Image courtesy Google Maps SOUTH COUNTY ATTORNEYS PUSH FOR EASIER ACCESS TO THE JUSTICE SYSTEM By Cooper Levey-Baker Associate Editor County Commissioner Christine Robinson calls it a step forward, albeit a "very itty bitty step." Last week the commission voted to have staff report back on the future of space allocation at the county's R.L. Anderson Administration Center in Venice, with an eye toward expanding courtrooms there. say the limited facilities outside downtown Sarasota make access to the justice system difficult. Say you live in Englewood and you need to file a lawsuit. It's going to take all day to schlep to downtown Sarasota and back, says Englewood attorney Dorothy Korszen, the immediate past president of the South County Division of the Sarasota County Bar Association. The move comes amid a wide-ranging debate I obviously want to see more court about how court resources are allocated services in South County, just because it's around the county, the right thing to do for our residents. a point of particular Christine Robinson Commissioner contention for South Sarasota County County lawyers who While the Anderson building does include courtroom space, it currently handles only misdemeanors and small civil cases (where the "money at

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