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Sarasota News Leader August 30, 2013 Page 81 Serrano's charming partner in the pas de deux choreography with aplomb. Her partner, Nafrom Don Quixote and that either she or Allie than Chaney from the Zurich Ballet, was an Burman was the other soloist. able if not exciting Prince. Ksenia Zhiganshina, a student from the Vaganova Academy of Mariinsky Ballet — and an invited guest — was a delightful Lilac Fair, with impeccable technique and a fluid softness in her dancing. Beautiful and plentiful costumes and the backdrop of a castle added to the professional atmosphere of the festival. In addition, the Fairy Attendants, the Cavaliers, the White Cat, Pussin-Boots, the Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood were charmingly portrayed by different While Shelby Elsbree, an exquisite delicate students. dancer from the Boston Ballet Company was a competent Princess Aurora, bravely meeting And as for charisma, it was definitely on disthe challenge of the Rose Adagio, I found her play when Jose Manuel Carreno took his curdancing to be somewhat mechanical. But Jor- tain call in front of the young dancers, who dan Elizabeth Long from the Royal Swedish filled every corner of the stage. He stepped Ballet was a joy to watch. Regal and a perfect forward and raised his arm before bowing, princess as Aurora in The Wedding Pas de and with that graceful purposeful gesture Deux, she danced with the easy smoothness brought to mind every ballet prince who has of vanilla ice cream, tossing off the difficult ever graced the stage. % Francisco Serrano flies across the stage. Photo courtesy of Rod Millington

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