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Sarasota News Leader August 30, 2013 Page 85 Siesta Seen week, because staff needed to identify, locate and shall encourage right-of-way use of these and prepare sketches for both county and pri- areas for coastal beach and bay access." vate utility company easements before the fiHowever, Chairwoman Carolyn Mason, Vice nal vote could be scheduled. Chairman Charles Hines and Commissioner The major point of disagreement during that Joe Barbetta all concurred with representaMay meeting came when Commissioners tives of the Baumanns, who said documentaChristine Robinson and Nora Patterson voiced tion showed the right of way was platted well the view that vacating the right of way would before the comprehensive plan was adopted, violate the county's comprehensive plan. Rob- and the county never had put forth any plans inson cited county Parks Policy 1.1.13, noting to use the property as a road. According to the property provides access to a Siesta ca- that documentation, if the right of way was nal. That policy section of the county's Com- not going to be utilized, the property should prehensive Plan says, "The County shall not be turned over to the couple. Further evidence vacate road segments on waterfronts along showed the county had not been maintaining any creek, river, lake, bay, or gulf access point the land until the Baumanns petitioned for the An aerial map shows the location of the Calle de Costa right of way the County Commission has vacated and turned over to adjacent property owners. Image courtesy Sarasota County

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