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Sarasota News Leader October 18, 2013 Page 14 — the highest mark she gave him — in 41 cat- In her evaluation, Patterson drew attention to the list of achievements Reid had submitted egories, along with 19 C's. to the board: "These achievements must be The rating standards are A for Excellent, B taken into account when evaluating Mr. Reid, for Above Average, C for Satisfactory, D for who obviously can take some credit for the Below Average and U for Unsatisfactory. performance and dedication of the staff who During this latest round of evaluations, have been hands on in realizing these goals." Mason's highest mark was again a B, but Reid Patterson noted "a lot of positive things" that earned only four of them. She gave him 25 C's have happened in the past year. and 12 D's. Reid's list — sent as part of his self-evaluaMason wrote on the latest form: "In my first tion — included the following projects: the evaluation I ended my written comments successful effort to win the bid for the 2017 acknowledging that you were building a good World Rowing Championships; focusing foundation at Sarasota County Government, on the coordinated development of Nathan and I encouraged you not to allow any part Benderson Park and the adjacent University of that foundation to be undermined. Those Town Center Mall; $45 million in completed comments were due to several miscommuni- capital projects; and an adopted 2014 budget cations by you to the [County Commission]." with no millage rate increase. Among other achievements to which he pointed were Robinson's marks for Reid were also higher efforts under way to address the homelessin January, when she gave Reid an overall ness issue countywide and a review of the Utilities Department to address continuing above-average rating. problems. "I believe there are some longstanding concerns especially about communication, and Reid also listed four steps he has taken that was expressed at the last evaluation," recently to improve communication, includRobinson said in an interview with the News ing striving to let the commissioners know when employees are contacted by the media Leader this week. or when a major accident happens involving Robinson added that some of the issues she county employees or equipment. spoke with Reid about earlier this year have Patterson wrote that Reid was not the not been addressed. sole source to blame for communication "I did have several concerns in January, which breakdowns, noting "sometimes uncivil comI voiced privately to the county administra- mission discussions." tor," Robinson said. "But I did not put them in "There may be faults on both sides of the my evaluation [in January]. Those areas have issue," Patterson wrote. not improved." The challenge ahead for Reid will be to work AN ALLY on his relationship with the three other commissioners. At Wednesday's meeting, Reid could have two allies in Patterson and Hines, who gave "Mr. Reid needs to help cure these problems, him higher marks than he received from their whether the fault lies in his court or not," Patterson wrote. % colleagues.

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