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POINT PERSON Before working for Sarasota County, Wayne Applebee led the effort to fund, plan and build a regional jail in Maine. Photo by Norman Schimmel IF HOMELESSNESS CONSULTANT ROBERT MARBUT'S STRATEGIC PLAN INCLUDES A PERMANENT SHELTER, WAYNE APPLEBEE WILL BE THE MAN CHARGED WITH SEEING IT BUILT By Roger Drouin County Editor Starting next month, Wayne Applebee could Applebee has been tapped to put Marbut's face some steep challenges. proposal into action after the consultant leaves Sarasota. If City and County of Sarasota consultant We need to let [homelessness Applebee's resume Robert Marbut's stra- consultant Robert Marbut] do his work, shows 25 years of tegic plan calls for uninterrupted. Let him deliver his report, experience in law enforcement and a permanent shelter and then we should be asking all the questions that we have to ask as a criminal justice and for the homeless, and community. Then let's work together to human services plancommunity leaders ning. But it is his solve this issue as best as we can. agree, Applebee will specific experience be the point person in Wayne Applebee several years ago in Human Services Policy Coordinator making sure that goal Maine that has probaSarasota County is achieved. bly best prepared him

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