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Sarasota News Leader October 18, 2013 board sometime during the winter to offer a more detailed proposal for the CIP, based on the guidance they provided him and other staff members on Oct. 15. Among those, Lempe noted, would be a doubling of the $1 million the district has been spending on safety and security measures, based on needs presented by Darrell Reyka, who is in charge of school safety and security and emergency management issues for the Sarasota County Schools. Page 45 member Caroline Zucker concurred with him that "asset preservation" was their top choice, though Zucker also characterized the Pine View equipment problems as a school safety issue. Goodwin said safety and security issues were her No. 2 priority. Board member Shirley Brown commended Lempe and the staff for their work, saying, "I think you guys have done a great job all along. I'll follow your direction." Nonetheless, in a brief recap of speakers' presentations to the board, Lempe pointed out, Board member Frank Kovach told Lempe, "I "Asset preservation remains at the top of our would like to see us do everything we can on the safety and security side of it." list." When Lempe asked the board members their Kovach added, "I think that we stack up priorities for the FY 2014 Capital Improvement extremely well" in the condition of buildings, Plan, Chairwoman Jane Goodwin and board compared to other districts across the state. School Board member Carol Todd (in foreground) prepares for the start of the Oct. 15 workshop. Photo by Rachel Hackney

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