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Sarasota News Leader October 18, 2013 Page 62 Next year when work begins on the round- The Gator — one of the city's oldest bars — about at Orange and Main, Benderson would would like to serve just alcohol. receive some compensation in return for the The manager of Parker's Books next door payment. No details were offered. also would like a sidewalk table or two, for If an agreement is reached, Feinberg would people to play chess or backgammon. withdraw his request to pull the high-rise building from the DID. To make those actions legal, a change of the sidewalk dining ordinance would be necesOUTSIDE DINING AND DRINKING sary, said City Engineer Alex DavisShaw. "If The DID also heard an appeal this week by the we open it up to a bookstore, what other uses manager of the Gator Bar, located at Lemon will come out of the woodwork for a permit?" Avenue and Main Street, to change the city's asked DID member Kauffman. sidewalk dining ordinance. Right now establishments can serve alcohol at a sidewalk The request will be discussed further at the board's next meeting. % table only if they offer food. Construction of widened sidewalks and bulb-outs was under way in front of the Gator Club in downtown Sarasota in July. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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