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Sarasota News Leader December 13, 2013 Page 110 Siesta Seen Final Judgment in the 2005 case saying the county should be estopped from arguing it owns the disputed land, based on the fact that every ruling in those lawsuits had gone against it. As a result, the County Commission has approved dock license agreements for seven parcels on Avenida del Norte since January 2011. The latest request won unanimous board OK on the Dec. 11 consent agenda. It came from June Foster, owner of the property at 687 Avenida del Norte. The commission vote will allow her to build a new dock similar in design "to other nearby structures previously authorized by the WNCA," according to a staff memo to the County Commission. Howard Berna, the county's environmental supervisor, pointed out in a Jan. 12, 2011 memo to the County Commission, "As a result of the Final Judgment, those properties for which owners can demonstrate land exists waterward of the County right-of-way have the ability to obtain a [Sarasota County Water VILLAGE RECYCLING INITIATIVE and Navigation Control Authority (WNCA)] Minor Work Permit for construction of a pri- Siesta Key Association (SKA) Vice President Michael Shay, who has been leading the effort vate dock." A Siesta Village business owner has suggested a sea turtle could be one type of creature painted on recycling bins to draw tourists' attention to the bins. Image by Mike Gonzalez via Wikimedia Commons

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