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We shouldn't get to the point where $77,000 is owed. Charles Hines Vice Chairman Sarasota County Commission A STAFF ERROR Sarasota County staff has stipulated that shoreline plantings be included on the Bob's Boathouse property to help buffer noise. Photo by Rachel Hackney BOB'S BOATHOUSE NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN ISSUED A TEMPORARY CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY BECAUSE IT HAD NOT PAID COUNTY WATER AND SEWER CAPACITY FEES OF MORE THAN $77,000, THE COUNTY COMMISSION LEARNS By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor A temporary certificate of occupancy (TCO) never should have been issued to Bob's Boathouse because the business had not paid $77,063.44 in water and sewer capacity fees, the director of Sarasota County's Planning and Development Services Department told the County Commission this week. In a Dec. 3 email exchange with Commissioner Joe Barbetta, Polk noted that not only did Bob's win its initial TCO, but also an additional 30-day extension of that TCO was issued on Nov. 27. As a result of the non-payment of the fees, Polk pointed out, staff sent letters this week to two entities involved with the business to notify them the fees must be paid by Dec. 30 or the water and sewer service to the restaurant will be terminated. During the board's regular meeting on Dec. 11, Tom Polk explained that county building regulations specify all fees must be paid, including capacity and impact fees, before a TCO is provided to a new business. Because of a staff error, Bob's Boathouse received the "We shouldn't get to the point where $77,000 is initial TCO, he added. owed," Vice Chairman Charles Hines pointed out.

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