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WAECHTER PLEADS GUILTY Bob Waechter (far left) watches as county commissioners are sworn in on Nov. 20, 2012. Photo by Norman Schimmel FORMER SARASOTA GOP CHAIR ADMITS BREAKING THE LAW BY IMPERSONATING A POLITICAL OPPONENT By Cooper Levey-Baker Associate Editor Former Republican Party of Sarasota County been served, arguing that political connecChairman Bob Waechter this week pleaded tions between Waechter and State Attorney guilty to breaking election laws and imper- Ed Brodsky put the state's objectivity sonating another person with the intent to in doubt. harass. The deal put an end to a yearlong case that started when he used the personal infor- The investigation into Waechter began mation of a Republican opponent to make last year, when Ramirez went to authoripotentially damaging ties after receiving a campaign contribunote thanking her for I lost sight of the dividing line donating to Democrat tions to Democrats. between right and wrong and crossed But the victim, cur- it decisively. rent Sarasota County Robert Waechter Commission candiIn a Statement During His Plea Hearing date Lourdes Ramirez, In 12th Judicial Circuit Court says justice has not Keith Fitzgerald's congressional campaign. She insisted she had never given money to Fitzgerald.

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