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OPINION RICK SCOTT, HUCKSTER-IN-CHIEF EDITORIAL It is now official: Florida Gov. Rick Scott is a candidate for reelection in 2014. Of course, since taking office, he has made no secret that he planned to seek another term, but he went through some regulatory hoops this week that remove any doubt. Scott doubled down and promised that his 700,000 new jobs would come on top of the economists' predictions. Thus, his promise ballooned to 1.7 million jobs. Since his election, Scott has been traveling all over the state proclaiming the equivoque "It's working." Whatever else one might say about When he first ran for governor four years ago, Scott, one cannot say he has not worked to Scott touted himself as the "jobs governor," bring new jobs into the state. Unfortunately, his job creation record is nowhere near the 1.7 pushing a plan that promised 700,000 jobs in million mark and not even close to 700,000. seven years. Even his claims for jobs he has brought to That plan was crafted by Donna Arduin, a Florida seem to be overblown on closer name that should be familiar to anyone in scrutiny. Sarasota County who is concerned about the continued viability of the county's 2050 Plan. The Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times undertook a months-long analysis of Scott's When state economists released a forecast job creation record. Their principal finding that the state would add about 1 million was that many of the jobs Scott is boasting jobs over that seven-year period, regardless about do not yet exist and will not for many of the occupant of the governor's mansion, years … if at all.

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