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ATOMIC AGES A 2012 Atomic Holiday Bazaar vendor pitches her wares. Photo courtesy of Adrien Lucas ATOMIC HOLIDAY BAZAAR CRAFTERS PREPARE TO ROCK THE SARASOTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM FOR THE EIGHTH STRAIGHT YEAR By Cooper Levey-Baker Associate Editor The national do-it-yourself (DIY) craft scene is experiencing a moment of "burnout," says Atomic Holiday Bazaar organizer Adrien Lucas. Some of the bigger shows in the scene are in flux, while high-end fashion designers have begun pulling styles from the underground. But all that doesn't apply to Atomic, now in its eighth year of offering a motley assortment of independently produced and vintage clothing, jewelry, accessories, art projects, etc. Clearly, enthusiasm for the event ain't going anywhere. But as the years come and go, the show's style does morph, and Lucas spots a few trends in this year's lineup. One is repurposed or "upcycled" furniture. Lucas says several applicants were hoping for double booths because their home goods are so large. She didn't allow it, to preserve space for others, but those items have been scarce at previous Atomics, usually heavy on daintier items such as jewelry According to Lucas' count, 223 crafters and kids' gear. applied for 135 spots in this weekend's show. The total number of vendors, including those Another interesting development: plants. who split tables, runs to around 150 or 160. Lucas, who co-founded the event with

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