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Sarasota News Leader December 20, 2013 Page 107 TEMPLE EMANU-EL TEENS ENJOY CHALLAH-DAY Temple Emanu-El teenagers enjoyed a Challah-Day on Dec. 15 as they gathered to bake challah — the specially prepared bread traditionally eaten on the Jewish Sabbath — with Rabbi Elaine Rose Glickman. After an interactive and lively session of measuring, pouring, mixing and kneading, participants met with Rabbi Brenner Glickman to learn about Shabbat and explore what a day of rest and holiness means to teenagers today, a news release explains. "The teens then returned to the kitchen — and their nowrisen loaves of dough — to braid the challah and take home a fresh challah to share with their families." For more information about learning to bake challah at Temple Emanu-El, call 379-1997. % Temple Emanu-El teens Allison Kramer and Rachel Towe kneaded their challah dough. Contributed photo Temple Emanu-El teens Rachel Towe and Josh Yunis show off their braided challah. Contributed photo

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