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A TUNNEL, NOT A SIPHON Pipes were stored in Luke Wood park after the contractor for the Lift Station 87 project walked off the job last year. Photo by Norman Schimmel THE FIRM ANALYZING HOW LIFT STATION 87 SHOULD BE BUILT RECOMMENDS A LOWER DEPTH FOR PIPE UNDER HUDSON BAYOU AND ESTIMATES A PROJECT COST OF $4.2 MILLION By Stan Zimmerman City Editor After $1.1 million worth of study, the official rec- conducted a rigorous examination of the underommendations are in regarding how to proceed ground strata where a pipe carrying one-third of with Lift Station 87 on the northern side of Hudson the city's sewage must lie. His back-up idea was a Bayou at Osprey Avenue. horseshoe-shaped siphon. The tunnel is as much Project Manager Robert Garland with the engi- as $1 million cheaper than the siphon system, and neering and design firm it requires vastly less of McKim & Creed is maintenance. recommending another Phase One was about 'Can it microtunnel under the work?' and 'How can it work?' … I He presented his findings at a public meeting bayou, running about already have a list of deficiencies and Wednesday evening, Dec. 7 feet deeper than the improvements. 18, at the Waldemere depth called for in the Fire Station, concluding previous plan. Robert Garland Phase One of McKim & Project Manager For the past three Creed's contract with McKim & Creed months, Garland has the city.

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