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THE CHALLENGES OF MARBUT'S PLAN Homeless people gather outside Selby Library in the spring. Photo by Norman Schimmel COUNTY EMPLOYEES WORKING ON THE COMMUNITY'S NEW HOMELESSNESS INITIATIVES SAY SOME OF THE MEASURES WILL TAKE A LONG TIME TO COME TO FRUITION By Stan Zimmerman City Editor When homelessness consultant Robert Marbut returns to Sarasota next month, he will find some facets of his 12-point plan starting up. Other points may take years. 'This is not a system we can change overnight," said Sarasota County Homeless Coordinator Wayne Applebee this week. homeless public policy coordinator for the county for the past eight weeks. And the city recently approved hiring an administrative assistant for Applebee. The opening is being advertised on the county website. It closes Dec. 27. All three positions are good for the next two years. We need to work on affordable Applebee himself is housing. [Homelessness consultant Robert] one of the elements Marbut heard this everywhere he went. of the plan already in operation, as is Nancy DeLoach, who has been working as the Wayne Applebee Homeless Coordinator Sarasota County Another of Marbut's points received professional attention this week when Sean Lee arrived Dec. 19 for a two-day visit. Marbut recommended Lee to

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