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CRIME BLOTTER The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office is warning the public about another telephone scam. Image courtesy of Stock.xchng SHERIFF'S OFFICE WARNING THE PUBLIC ABOUT A TELEPHONE SCAM The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office is warning people about a telephone scam that attempts to extort money from innocent individuals whom the caller claims are wanted by law enforcement officials. does not collect fine amounts; all money is paid to the Clerk of Court; and wanted individuals would never be asked to meet with a deputy to exchange funds, the release notes. "As legitimate as some of these phone scams may sound, the callers are criminals who want to separate citizens from their hardearned money," said Sheriff Tom Knight in the release. "In every case, just hang up, think about what was said and then report the call." The office recently has received two reports of a caller claiming to be with the Sheriff's Office Warrants Division who tells the victim he is wanted but the matter can be cleared up if the victim loads the amount of the fine onto a "green dot card" and provides it to the caller, a news release says. Anyone who may have been the victim of this Neither person complied with the caller; both or a similar scam should contact the Sarasota reported it to law enforcement representa- County Sheriff's Office non-emergency number, 316-1201. tives, the release adds. "It is important to note that the majority of warrants cannot be satisfied without appearing in person at either the jail or in court," the release points out. The Warrants Division For more information about scams and fraud visit the Federal Trade Commission website or click here: articles/0076-telemarketing-scams.

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