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Siesta Seen COMPLAINTS ABOUT CONSTRUCTION ALONG HIGEL AVENUE PROMPT A COUNTY REVIEW; THE EAT HERE SIESTA KEY PARKING PROBLEM MAY BE RESOLVED SOON; AND A SELECTION COMMITTEE HAS SETTLED ON FINALISTS FOR THE SIESTA CHAMBER EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR POSITION By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor Call it the Case of the Culvert Complaint. On Nov. 25, a Siesta Key resident emailed Commissioner Nora Patterson — who lives on the island — to complain that the resident at 5025 Higel Ave. "has been somehow given permission to dig a ditch about 6 [feet] into the right of way and make a wall … on County property." The resident pointed out that the swale previously in that location also served as parking space. She added, "[T]his subdivision has numerous culverts, but they included the swale and covered or enclosed pipes." A closeup shows too much shell has been added to a swale at 5025 Higel Ave. on Siesta Key. Photo courtesy Sarasota County

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