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Siesta Seen SIESTA SEEN If the crawl of traffic over the Stickney Point bridge seems even slower than usual this sea- son, "thanks" go to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). Because of complaints that motorists turning right on red from Stickney Point Road onto Midnight Pass Road — headed north — were not yielding to pedestrians as they should, FDOT recently put up signage prohibiting those turns, I learned this week in discussions with Chief Sarasota County Engineer James K. Harriott Jr. and Lauren Hatchell, a public information officer with FDOT. FDOT was "receiving complaints that people were not yielding to pedestrians" at that inter- section, Hatchell said, and, as she pointed out, THE NEW 'NO RIGHT ON RED' SIGN AT THE STICKNEY POINT ROAD INTERSECTION HAS SPARKED MULTIPLE COMPLAINTS; MORE FEATURES HAVE BEEN ADDED TO THE BEACH IMPROVEMENTS PROJECT; AND THE SEARCH IS ON FOR A SPEEDING MOTORCYCLIST AS WELL AS A BURGLARY SUSPECT By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor The loss of the ability for drivers to turn right on red from Stickney Point Road onto Midnight Pass Road is causing more traffic backups on the Stickney Point Road bridge. Photo by Rachel Hackney

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