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During their first budget workshop of the year, the Sarasota County commissioners heard some final numbers related to their 2013 spending plan and reviewed a timeline for crafting the 2015 fiscal year document. The Feb. 21 workshop was Step One in an atypically early start on the next budget and the not-so-distant challenge of addressing an $18.9 million general fund shortfall projected for Fiscal Year 2016. In addition to scheduling an earlier beginning for the workshops this year, Tom Harmer, who was named county administrator last month, has instituted a new review plan for departmental budgets, which will get under way later. For Chairman Charles Hines, one top goal will be keeping a close eye on the projected 2016 deficit and budgeting accordingly. A pie chart shows the sources of Sarasota County revenue for the 2014 fiscal year. Image courtesy Sarasota County IN STEP ONE OF THE LATEST BUDGET PROCESS, THE COUNTY COMMISSION LOOKS AT THE 2015 FISCAL YEAR PLAN AND PREPARES FOR THE CHALLENGE OF A PROJECTED 2016 DEFICIT FIRST LOOK By Roger Drouin County Editor

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