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Some weeks, it seems, we find ourselves writing many varia- tions on old themes. The goal is to keep readers keenly interest- ed in those topics up-to-date on what has transpired, of course. At the same time, we strive to find different subjects to put in the spotlight, to satisfy those of you who could not care less about any of those long-running sagas. This week's issue captures that mix. County Editor Roger Drou- in and I spent a considerable amount of time with "old friends," while Associate Editor Cooper Levey-Baker and City Editor Stan Zimmerman explored fresher themes. One of my longstanding pet peeves has been the propensity of publications to fail to keep up with a story. I would prefer too much coverage, frankly, to a lack of resolution. And I feel strongly that our readers who are concerned about the revision of the 2050 Plan or whether Warm Mineral Springs ever will reopen, for just two examples, appreciate the effort we put into reporting on those issues. Among the fresh takes this week, Cooper has written about the first debate of County Commission candidates, and Stan has exam- ined a new crosswalk project in downtown Sarasota. On the much lighter side: Fran Palmeri has given all of us a splendid gift in the form of new nature photos and lovely prose, and Staff Photographer Norman Schimmel ap- parently put a lot of mileage on his car last weekend to capture for you many of the delights of season. Frankly, I believe you will find a lot to enjoy this week — the old and the new. Editor and Publisher WELCOME

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