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The next step in the Bob's Boathouse saga will be an appearance before a Special Magistrate as the 5515 S. Tamiami Trail establishment fights to remain open, The Sarasota News Leader learned this week. James Aker, the attorney for Bob's Boathouse, told the News Leader on Feb. 25 that he was awaiting a date for that appearance so he can argue Bob's Boathouse has accom- plished more on a county "punch list" of items than county staff has asserted. At the same time, the county has filed an amended motion asking the 12th Judicial Circuit Court to dismiss an amended lawsuit Aker filed against the county on Jan. 31 on behalf of Bob's Boathouse. Asked during a telephone interview how things stood on Feb. 25, Aker told the News Leader, "We believe that they stand a lot better than what that Affidavit of Violation states." Aker was referring to action the county took on Feb. 21. Many areas of the Phillippi Creek bank adjacent to Bob's Boathouse appeared bare on Feb. 22. Photo by Norman Schimmel THE ATTORNEY FOR BOB'S BOATHOUSE SAYS THE ESTABLISHMENT IS MAKING PROGRESS ON A COUNTY LIST OF ITEMS THAT MUST BE COMPLETED IF THE RESTAURANT IS TO STAY OPEN AWAITING A COURT DATE We believe that [things] stand a lot better than what that Affidavit of Violation states. James Aker Attorney For Bob's Boathouse By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor

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