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Division over homelessness issues at the City and County commission daises continued to brew this week, with county leaders unani- mously renewing their support for a shelter that would be operated by the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office. A c r o s s d o w n - t o w n S a r a s o t a f r o m t h e C o u n t y Administration Cen- ter, two city com- missioners on that divided board, along with residents, have kept up a barrage of questions about plans to build a facility in the city. On Tuesday, March 4, during an update on the efforts to address homelessness in the com- munity, county commissioners expressed frustration about what they characterized as "misinformation" and "gossip" being spread by city commission- ers and members of the public opposed to the shelter. C o u n t y V i c e Chairwoman Christine Gatherings of homeless people at Pineapple Park in downtown Sarasota have prompted complaints to city officials. Photo by Roger Drouin REACTING TO CITY COMMISSION CRITICISM ON THE HOMELESS SHELTER ISSUE, COUNTY COMMISSIONERS CAUTION AGAINST MISINFORMATION, SAYING MORE DETAILS ABOUT A PLAN WILL FOLLOW THE COMPLETION OF STUDIES ON TWO SITES A STRONG RESPONSE We want the dialogue, want the factual information out there, but let's get the facts first. Wayne Applebee Homelessness Coordinator Sarasota County By Roger Drouin County Editor

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