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Robinson and county staff members lead- ing the planning effort say answers on many points will come as the county wraps up due diligence and environmental studies involv- ing the two sites still under review from the list proposed last fall by homelessness con- sultant Robert Marbut. Robinson pointed to some of the latest misin- formation "that came out last [Monday] night" during the regular City Commission meeting, referencing statements offered during one of the public comments segments. "It was said that none of the municipali- ties in Pinellas County contribute to Safe Harbor," she told her colleagues, referring to a Clearwater shelter. "That is just not true," she added. "Each municipality has contrib- uted from the beginning." Robinson noted no opportunity was provided to publicly correct misstatements offered during the city meeting. Commissioner Nora Patterson said that if unconfirmed and inaccurate information is being communicated, then county staff should check with Marbut — who remains under contract with the city and county — and compile a fact sheet for distribution to the public, highlighting information not only about a proposed shelter in Sarasota but also about similar projects built elsewhere. Patterson later told The Sarasota News Leader she believes city commissioners are A graphic offers details about studies already completed on the 1330 N. Osprey Ave. site, which is one of two being considered for a Sarasota homeless shelter. Image courtesy Sarasota County Sarasota News Leader March 7, 2014 Page 26

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