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Last week, as I was reflecting on potential content for this issue, it appeared the City Commission meeting would be the only sig- nificant source. Oh, how wrong was I proven to be. Not only did Associate Editor Cooper Levey-Baker produce en- gaging stories outside the local government realm — including one about the president of a nonprofit called Strong Towns — but County Editor Roger Drouin and I also found plenty of news in the County Commission sessions. By no means, though, do I want to discount the hours City Editor Stan Zimmerman spent on his beat this week, covering myriad topics. I am sure he was grateful when his last story reached my desk. And if you are wondering about our cover: I had an incredibly rewarding experience over the weekend. In the chilly, early-morning hours of March 1, I joined a video production team just off the Siesta Key shore. The producer will not release the result of the crew's labor of love for several more days, but I highly encourage you to read my story about how a dedicated group of individuals is pleading with the City of Sara- sota and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to "let Big Pass be." On our feature side, A&E Writer Elinor Ro- gosin offers another astute review of Sara- sota Ballet performances. Finally, I urge you to peruse our News Briefs. No doubt, it is a big chore for Pro- duction Manager Cleve Posey to lay out that section each week, thanks to its length and breadth of topic. And that is all the more reason you really should check it out! Editor and Publisher WELCOME

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