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snowbirds and a certain demographic mix that tends to be a little more transient. That has certain advantages, and it also has some disadvantages. So consciously try to push back against those disadvantages. SNL: It feels like the recession has only deep- ened this urge to grow and grow because development creates economic activity. CM: When somebody needs to eat, they're less likely to want to engage in a theoretical conversation about making this place stron- ger. The problem that we face, and Florida faces this acutely, is development is not very productive. We need to find a way to break out of this. SNL: Have other cities been able to overcome some of those deep divisions over growth? CM: When I'm in Sarasota, I'm going to go across to Martin County, to Stuart. They have a pretty innovative group there that is work- ing on this return-on-investment problem: "How do we improve the productivity of our community?" That's a huge paradigm shift. Detroit is a huge case study. There are no rules and people have to figure things out. And you've got places like Memphis that are having these discussions. We're doing a boot camp in April to help city leaders reorient the public-private relationship and help them become more risk-tolerant. That's been a suc- cess story, too. The problem is local governments are still embedded in the World War II military hierar- chical model. Businesses adopted that model after World War II, but the private sector has figured out that you're much more productive having a minimal amount of top-down teams. Governments don't operate that way, and they're having a real hard time making that transition. There shouldn't be competing divi- sions walled off from each other. That is the structural challenge that local governments face all across the country. Chuck Marohn will speak at the annual dinner of the Council of Neighborhood Associations at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 18, at The Francis, 1289 N. Palm Ave., Sarasota. Tickets are $50. At 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, March 19, Marohn will host a free Q&A at the City of Sarasota Commission Chambers, 1565 First St., Sarasota. % For a complimentary consultation call 941.923.5406 | Christine Koval, D.M.D. | Tonya Herschberger & Linda Keefe "After a terrible accident I required surgery. Tonya shared with me that Dr. Koval was responsible for her beautiful smile. She gave me hope and direction. I'm so grateful to Dr, Koval. Now I have a smile that I love to share with everyone." Sarasota News Leader March 7, 2014 Page 53

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