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Vouchers, and began compiling a database of creationism-teaching schools that have accepted public money. In Florida, Kopplin found 164 schools that fit the bill, all of whom, according to Kopplin, have participated in the state's McKay Scholarships for Students with Disabilities Program. One of the schools Kopplin found was Family Life. The K-8 school's website lists its cur- ricula grade by grade. Kopplin zeroed in on the school's use of textbooks by A Beka Book (Excellence in Education From a Christian Perspective), Apologia (created "to help families learn, live, and defend the Christian faith"), Bob Jones ("Christ-centered resources for education, edification, & evan- gelism") and others. According to the Family Life site, Apologia provides the school's seventh- and eighth- grade science textbooks. Apologia's website describes the series: "ideal for those who love science and those who aren't so sure, our Jr. and Sr. High science texts make comprehen- sion easy, education solid, and God's work in Creation clear." Florida Department of Education Press Secretary Cheryl Etters tells The Sarasota News Leader that seven McKay students are currently enrolled at the school and that the school has received slightly more than $141,000 in state funds since 2008. The McKay program is a school choice initiative launched in 1999 that allows students with special needs to enroll in private rather than public schools. According to Etters, private schools Zack Kopplin on Keeping Creationism out of Public Classrooms. Video courtesy of Click to watch the video Sarasota News Leader March 7, 2014 Page 55

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